Land Documents

It is specified as a formal document, such as a deed, that recognizes as an evidence of ownership. Transference of the document may be mandatory in transmission of ownership in the property to another individual. For instance for real property, land registration and recording, we must furnish public notice of ownership information. We prepare such Documents for the above purposes.

Will Deed

Will Deed is one of the general documents that could include a living Will Deed, instruction directive, health care proxy or health care power of attorney. In most of the abnormal or specific health conditions, this document only goes into effect when we hardly are unable to come into a conclusion.

Apartment Documents

It is referred to as the applicant documents required or provided at the time of Purchasing or selling or redeveloping or taking into lease or renting an apartment.

Name Transfers

Name transfer usually specifies to the legal act by an individual of adopting a new name distinct from their name at the time of birth, marriage or adoption. It is typically considered to obscure an individual's identity, but can also be done for personal, social or ideological senses.

Property Tax

A Property Tax is also known as Millage Rate, which is an ad valorem taxon the value of a property, regularly raised on real estate. The tax is being raised by the governing authorization of the jurisdiction in which the property is being stationed.

Water Tax

The water tax is a tax rose for the water issued by the government and paid to the government by the public who utilize the water endowed by the Municipal Corporation of that particular state.

Electricity Board

Getting a new electricity connection involves various processes and documents. We afford those mandatory documents with accurate format without any flaws.


Acquiring a Passport has become mandatory nowadays. It undergoes several steps in applying and getting a passport. Likewise we need various required documents for the same. We provide entire documents for passport too.